Pubwish - The Writer's Platform

About Us


Pubwish™️ is a professional platform for independent writers.

Not all writers are alike and come with different skill sets and writing experience. But the passion shared between all writers is the same for someone writing for the first time and someone publishing their tenth novel. Pubwish is a place fun and secure environment for writers to network with other writers and to complete and promote writing projects.

Pubwish gives writers everything they need to be productive and consistent. But as rewarding and fulfilling as writing is, some may associate the craft with being a somewhat lonely profession or hobby. A recent Harvard study on student success in school – and later in life – found that students who networked and maintained healthy relationships were much more likely to succeed and be happy. Creating groups inside a thriving community of writers is at the heart of Pubwish.

Writing can be tough! It involves persistence and a great degree of isolation. But what if a writer could be persistent and productive while doing what they love? Write well and often but in a network-rich environment full of supportive and healthy relationships. It’s like writing in a quiet room, knowing there’s always a reliable source of support and encouragement at arm’s length. We love writing, and it can be challenging, but you don’t have to do it alone!

Our Mission

Our mission is to set writers up for success by forging a link between creativity and accountability, taking a writer beyond the page. Our goal is to build a relationship between the writer and page, founded on love for the art and respect for the craft.


Our main principle is this: if you write, you are a writer. And if you agree to this principle, we promise to do everything we can to back you up as a writer.

We encourage writers to understand that if they accept the title of ‘writer,’ they should do so with pride and responsibility – whether writing is for fun or as a profession. We believe it is vital to the success of a writer to have the best tools and resources available to succeed in their writing projects, but more importantly, a method of creating consistency in a supportive environment.

Moreover, we believe it’s essential to a writer’s ability to stay consistent and persistent that they have a sense of accountability for their writing. Writing a book or script in isolation shouldn’t exempt writers from writing without accountability. And the ability and responsibility to finish a writing project should come with frequent deadlines and a little bit of urgency.