Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Understanding Pubwish

Pubwish serves as a dynamic platform specifically tailored for the modern writer. It’s where independent authors, irrespective of their niche, find a community and the tools they need to thrive.


Getting Started
  1. What is Pubwish? Pubwish™️ stands as a distinguished platform tailored specifically for the needs of independent writers. A space where your words find their true home.
  2. Can I sign up using my Google or Facebook account? Absolutely! For your convenience, both Google and Facebook sign-in are supported.
  3. Can anyone use Pubwish? Pubwish welcomes everyone. You’ll find a dedicated space here if you craft fiction, non-fiction, poetry, blogs, or screenplays.
  4. What kind of people use Pubwish? Our diverse community includes professionals, students, freelancers, and those writing in their spare time. All united by a shared passion for writing.
  5. I write for fun. Can I still use Pubwish? Of course! Writing for joy is one of the purest forms of expression. With Pubwish, not only can you pen down your thoughts, but we’ll also ensure you relish every moment of it.
  6. Is Pubwish only for novelists? Not at all. From novelists to scriptwriters, Pubwish embraces writers of all forms and genres.
  7. Can screenwriters use Pubwish? Certainly! We’ve integrated features in the Pubwish Editor specifically designed for screenwriting. From the initial draft to the final script, we’ve got you covered.
  8. What’s the best way to use the app? To truly harness the power of Pubwish, dive into our Group Challenges. Engage with fellow writers, expand your network, and leverage our tools to elevate your writing journey. Every feature is a step towards a more inspired you.
Platform Navigation
  1. How do I navigate the app? Kick off your Pubwish journey right from the home screen. As you dive in, you’ll discover icons and menus designed to make your experience seamless. Need a guiding hand? Our Help Center is always there to assist.
  2. How do I use the main menu navigation? You’ll notice the hamburger menu (those three neat horizontal lines) situated in the app’s top left corner. With a simple tap, it gracefully unfolds, revealing frequently accessed links. It’s all about convenience.
  3. How do I use the mobile app’s bottom navigation bar? Consider the bottom navigation bar as your compass. With a simple touch, reorient yourself to the home screen, delve into your profile, access the Editor Dashboard, scrutinize your writing stats, or bask in the glow of your achievements.
  4. How do I use the search function? Seeking fellow members or specific files? Just tap on the search bar at the top. Type, search, and discover!
Content Management
  1. How do I use the home screen? Think of the home screen as your personalized command center. From here, monitor notifications, engage in conversations, accept connection requests, and more. Whether it’s a glance at your Writing Group, gauging your writing metrics, or simply accessing new projects, the home screen has got you covered.
  2. What are the round center icons? Those slick round icons form the quick-scroll menu. Give them a gentle swipe left or right, and you’re instantly linked to your desired destination.
  3. What does the graph mean? The graph is your weekly writing report card. It visually captures your writing momentum for the week, daily targets, and how consistently you’ve been hitting the keyboard.
  4. What’s the numbered green circle on the bottom right of the graph? That’s a badge of honor! It’s tracking the number of consecutive days you’ve been writing. Every day counts.
  5. What’s that stack of papers in the top right corner? That neat stack represents your word goal progress for the day. The white papers give you a percentage breakdown of penned words versus your target. And for the number of enthusiasts, the total count is proudly displayed atop.
Writing on Pubwish
  1. How often should I write? Your writing cadence is as unique as your voice. While some find solace in daily musings, others might prefer weekly reflections. It’s all about finding a rhythm that complements your lifestyle and aspirations.
  2. What’s a good daily word goal for me? A personal word goal is just that – personal. Start with what feels comfortable. Maybe it’s a paragraph today and a page tomorrow. The journey of a thousand pages begins with a single word, after all.
  3. Do I have to write every day? Daily writing can be therapeutic, but remember, it’s okay to pause, breathe, and rejuvenate. Writing is as much about reflection as it is about expression.
  4. What happens if I miss a day? Missed your word goal today? No worries! Your writing journey isn’t defined by one day. While consistency is key, every day is a new opportunity to craft your story.
  5. How do I write more consistently? Consistency often springs from purpose. Revisit your writing goals, lean on your writing community, and remember why you started. Every word you pen is a step closer to your masterpiece.
  6. How do I promote myself and my writing? Showcase snippets of your soul through the ‘sample writing’ feature on your profile. As peers and readers engage with your pieces, you’ll find a growing appreciation for your work.
        – Profile & Achievements: Let your achievements do the talking. Highlight them on your profile to inspire both yourself and those who visit.
        – Networking: Dive into the world of Pubwish, form bonds in writing groups, engage in insightful dialogues, and curate your very own writing circles.
  7. Will Pubwish make me a better writer? Every tool, every connection, and every challenge on Pubwish is designed to refine your craft. As you immerse yourself in this community, not only will your writing flourish, but so will your understanding of the art.
  8. Why is networking so important to writers? Shouldn’t writers stay isolated? While solitude can be a writer’s sanctuary, community is their muse. Pubwish was born from the belief that while cherishing their solitude, writers can find inspiration, growth, and camaraderie in connection. After all, every story becomes richer with shared experiences.
  9. How do I find my profile? Your personal hub, the profile, is just a click away. Head to the main menu or tap the bottom navigation icon, and there you are!
  10. What are the profile tabs? This space is all about you. Tailor what you share by adjusting settings to your comfort level.
        – WIP: Discover a treasure trove of your sample writings here.
        – Likes: A canvas to paint your hobbies and passions, drawing in writers with shared interests.
        – Goals: Chronicle your writing aspirations, daily word targets, and your writer’s journey here.
        – Personal: Safeguard your personal and account details, ensuring they’re always up-to-date.
  11. What are the different types of writing styles? The art of writing takes many forms, be it the expansive tales of a novelist, the precise narratives of a scriptwriter, or the casual musings of a blogger. What’s your chosen style?
  12. What does Typed Words per Minute (WPM) mean? WPM is your writing pace, quantifying how swiftly your thoughts transition from mind to medium.
  13. What can I find on the Achievements tab? This space celebrates your literary milestones. From prestigious awards to academic feats, showcase your proudest moments here.
  14. How do I edit my profile picture and cover image? Want a fresh look? Click the edit icon adjacent to your profile or cover image and let your creativity flow.
  15. How do I post samples of my writing? Eager to share a snippet? Head to your profile’s WIP tab, navigate to ‘Sample Writing’, pen down your thoughts, and share away!
  16. What is Challenge Mode? Dive into the thrill of weekly Writing Group challenges in Challenge Mode. Not only will you hone your craft, but you’ll also gather Performance Points towards exciting rewards.
  17. What is Individual Mode? Crave solitude? If you opt out of a Challenge Writing Group and wish for privacy, toggle to Individual Mode in App Settings. Remember, this serene journey means you’ll trade off chat capabilities and Performance Points collection.
  18. Why do you need my phone number? Your phone number is our way of ensuring genuine, passionate writers like you have a secure and authentic experience.
  19. Why do you need to know which part of the world I live in? Your location helps us verify accounts and fosters connections, introducing you to local writers or those from far-off lands, bridging boundaries through the power of words.
  20. How do I control what other members see about me? Your privacy is paramount. Venture to App Settings > Privacy to customize your visibility, ensuring you share only what feels right.
  21. What does Pubwish do with my personal information? At Pubwish, we value trust. We harness your details solely for account creation and enhancing your Pubwish journey. For a comprehensive understanding, our Privacy Policy is always available for a read.
Writing Editor
  1. What is the Writing Editor? The Writing Editor is your digital canvas, a sanctuary where words come alive. Whether weaving tales as a novelist or drafting scenes as a scriptwriter, the Writing Editor empowers you to elevate your craft, optimizing your productivity and refining your prowess.
  2. How do I find the Writing Editor? Embark on your writing journey by tapping the central Pubwish icon on the bottom navigation. Alternatively, you can find the editor via the main menu, the home screen slider, or by following the beckoning call of the writing symbols strewn across the home and challenge screens.
  3. Can I format the font or layout of my text? Absolutely! The Editor boasts a plethora of formatting tools, ensuring your words not only resonate but also captivate visually.
  4. How do I create a new document? Setting the stage for a fresh narrative is simple. Either tap the distinguished Pubwish ‘P’ on the bottom bar, the pencil emblem on your home screen’s top left or select ‘Start Writing’ within the Writing Groups.
  5. How do I save a document? Safeguard your literary musings by tapping the save symbol on the top formatting bar inside a document.
  6. How do I use the script (screenplay) buttons? Crafting a screenplay? The script buttons atop the Writing Editor are your best companions. Choose your desired script element (be it Scene, Action, or Dialogue) and let the Editor guide your cursor placement seamlessly.
  7. What if I forget to save my document? Rest easy. The Editor ensures that documents can only bid adieu once safely saved.
  8. Do my documents sync across devices? Absolutely! Your words and progress resonate seamlessly across all your devices.
  9. Do my documents auto-sync? Indeed, they do. Every ten seconds, your documents harmonize with the Pubwish cloud.
  10. Can I use the Editor in offline mode? Absolutely. The moment you’re back online, your documents and word count synchronize.
  11. Can I save or sync my documents in offline mode? While offline synchronization isn’t possible, you can still export your compositions to your device or personal cloud storage.
  12. Why can’t I use my mobile device’s keyboards? To maintain the integrity of our writing challenges, Pubwish employs a standard keyboard, ensuring a level playing field for all passionate writers.
  13. Can I use a Bluetooth keyboard for the editor? Certainly! If your device pairs with a keyboard wirelessly or via a cable, it’s all systems go for the Editor.
  14. What’s that green progress bar? As you craft your narrative, the green bar cheerfully charts your journey, reflecting your progression towards the day’s word target.
  15. How do I turn off the typewriter sound feature? Click the reminiscent typewriter sound icon on the top bar and the ambiance shifts to your liking.
  16. Does the Editor have a grammar check? The Editor has yet to introduce a grammar sentinel.
  17. Is there a spell checker? The Writing Editor diligently watches over your spelling, ensuring your prose is impeccable.
  18. Where do I find my story files? Your literary collection awaits in the Editor Dashboard or your dedicated Library.
  19. Can I make story notes? Of course! Dive into a document and jot down your thoughts, saving them as invaluable notes.
Advanced Features
  1. How do I use the append notes feature? As you draft, any selected text can seamlessly merge into an existing document within your Library.
  2. What do Open Document or Editor Time and Actual Typed Words mean? Open Document Time is akin to a diligent clock, marking the span in which your document remains open. In contrast, Actual Typed Words Time springs into action only when your fingers dance across the keys. These metrics provide a glimpse into your writing rhythm. If inspiration eludes, save, close, and return when the muse beckons.
  1. What is the library? The Library is your curated digital bookshelf, housing all your crafted documents and meticulously organized folders, ready for you to access and evolve.
  2. How do I find the library? The Library beckons from the center sliding icon on your home screen, and it’s also accessible via the main app menu, nestled in the top left corner.
  3. How do I create a new document? Navigate to your Editor Dashboard and tap on ‘New Document’. From there, you can choose the folder where your new literary gem will reside.
  4. How do I create a new folder? Head over to your Editor Dashboard and select ‘New Folder’. It’s a space ready to house your future masterpieces.
  5. How many files and folders can I make? Your creative prowess knows no bounds, and neither do we! Craft as many files and folders as your heart desires. Should your Library burgeon, we’ll gently remind you.
  6. Can I copy/paste or duplicate files or folders? Currently, direct duplication isn’t available. However, you can seamlessly copy your writing to other apps or export it as a pristine PDF. Remember, pasting text directly into your Pubwish documents isn’t an option at the moment.
Community and Networking
  1. What are the Writing Groups? Pubwish Writing Groups are dynamic weekly arenas where writers rally together, fostering encouragement, camaraderie, and growth in a harmonious and fruitful environment.
  2. How does Pubwish create writing groups? Writing Groups are spontaneously forged, but if you yearn for a more localized experience, you can opt to be paired with fellow writers in your vicinity.
  3. How many people can be in a writing group? Each writing group can host up to 10 vibrant minds. However, for custom user-crafted writing groups, the sky’s the limit!
  4. What level or type of writers can I expect in my writing group? Embrace the diversity of Pubwish! Our writing groups encompass writers from all walks of life. Should you seek a niche group resonating with your specific writing style or proficiency, crafting a custom Writing Group is a breeze.
  5. Can I invite someone to the writing group? Custom Writing Groups allow you to extend invites and usher in fellow members.
  6. What are private/custom Writing Groups? Should your aspirations lean towards a group that mirrors your unique writing style or level, crafting a custom Writing Group is your answer.
  7. How do I join a custom Writing Group? You can either be welcomed through an invite or express your eagerness to join a group via the forum.
  8. How do I create a custom Writing Group? Venture to the Challenge page and select ‘Create A Custom Group’. Your bespoke group awaits!
  9. Can I have someone kicked out of my writing group? As the architect and admin of the Writing Group, the reins rest in your hands, granting you the discretion to curate your group’s membership.
  10. Can I leave a writing group? Absolutely. A simple request to the group admin will see to your departure. Direct self-removal isn’t an option if you’re part of a Random Writing Group. However, should you ever wish to retreat from the limelight of a Challenge Writing Group, navigate to App Settings and transition to Individual Mode, ensuring your progress remains your own.
  1. How does Pubwish ensure the security of my personal data? At Pubwish, we prioritize user trust and the integrity of personal data. We employ state-of-the-art encryption techniques and robust cybersecurity measures to protect your information from unauthorized access.
  2. Is my writing secure on Pubwish? Absolutely. Your writings, whether drafts or finished works are stored securely on our servers. We employ multiple layers of protection to ensure your creative content remains private and safeguarded against potential breaches.
  3. Can other users access my personal information? Your privacy is paramount to us. By default, other users cannot access your personal information. You have the ability to adjust your visibility settings in App Settings > Privacy, ensuring you share only what feels right to you.
  4. Do you share my data with third-party entities? We value the trust you place in us. Pubwish does not share your personal data with third-party entities for marketing or other purposes. Any data sharing is solely for enhancing your Pubwish experience, as our Privacy Policy outlines.
  5. What measures are in place if there’s a security breach? In the unlikely event of a security breach, we have protocols to identify, address, and mitigate the situation promptly. Affected users would be immediately notified, and necessary steps would be taken to secure their accounts.
  6. How can I report suspicious activity on my account? If you notice any suspicious activity or believe your account has been compromised, please immediately contact our support team or visit the Help Center for guidance on securing your account.
  7. How long do you retain my data if I decide to leave Pubwish? Your trust and comfort are essential to us. If you decide to leave Pubwish, your data is retained for a specific period per our data retention policy, after which it is permanently deleted. For specific details on data retention durations, please refer to our Privacy Policy.
  8. Can I request a full copy of all my data stored on Pubwish? Following data protection regulations, you can request a complete copy of all your data stored on Pubwish. Please contact our support team to initiate the data retrieval process.
  9. What happens to my writings if I delete my Pubwish account? Once you decide to delete your Pubwish account, all associated data, including your writings, will be deleted after the retention period specified in our Privacy Policy. It’s always a good idea to back up any content you wish to keep before initiating account deletion.